Our Story

Before the inception of iShipping, we, as members of online retailing businesses, intimately understood the couriers challenges in the local New Zealand market.

Prolonged shipping times, high shipping costs, and inefficient communication with courier companies were commonplace inconveniences that sparked the idea of creating a convenient and efficient logistics platform.

Realizing the importance of aligning our brand with market needs, we engaged in profound conversations with customers from various fields. Their feedback, shared under pseudonyms for privacy, highlighted common issues such as inconvenient returns, concerns about the speed and security of domestic shipments, high shipping fees, and language barriers with logistics providers.

These concerns resonated with us, as we understand that, for everyday people, sending packages should be a straightforward process without unnecessary complexities. For businesses, optimizing shipping processes is vital to reduce costs and time.

With these insights, iShipping was born to address the shared needs of the community:

  • Simplifying the couriers process for everyday individuals and businesses.
  • Ensuring efficient returns and reducing the associated costs.
  • Prioritizing the speed and security of domestic shipments.
  • Providing transparent and reasonable pricing, rejecting exorbitant shipping fees.

In essence, iShipping is a solution crafted to meet the diverse couriers needs of individuals and businesses in New Zealand, making shipping a seamless and cost-effective experience for everyone.